“Nourishing relationships with loving, smart, creative people is what life’s all about.”—Marie Forleo

Monday, June 10, 2024

Girls, It's Up to Us


There is a battle happening.


It’s a battle for our thoughts.


It’s a battle for our beliefs, emotions, and humanness.


“There is something in us so beautiful, so powerful that countries will go to battle to keep us distracted from our humanness. “—Gregg Braden.


We are over chemicalized and overburdened with media trying to keep us reading their material. They want eyeballs, your time, attention, site numbers, and money.


Chemicalized? Please think of this: doctors are prescribing Birth control pills for young girls to regulate their periods. Take them off long enough for them to reproduce, and then chances are artificial hormones come next. Possibly, they will have a hysterectomy, for they don’t need a uterus anymore. Then back on hormones. (Please read my comments on Premarin on the pages at https://Goddesses50andbeyond.blogspot.com.


Suggest a pill to a man to lower his testosterone to reduce his aggressiveness, and he will go ballistic.


Life isn’t all stable and regulated. We have ups and downs. Our emotions get tricky. I take Armor Thyroid rather than a synthetic. (I don’t think they killed a pig for it.) My Naturopath said the difference was that the synthetic was more stable. Natural is like a fruit cocktail. You dip a spoon in, and you might get a pineapple chunk and a grape or, another time, a peach slice and a cherry.


But isn’t that the way life is? Not predictable? We vary; we are organic, after all.


I say it is up to us, we 50 and beyond, because we’ve been around the block a few times, and we remember the strides we’ve made and how hard we fought for them. Don’t slip back. If you think we have no control, think of this: women 50 and beyond are becoming premier buyers because they often have discretionary money to spend. That’s one way to spell out our preferences. 


Think of it this way: Darwin missed an essential aspect of human evolution. (And, I was a biology major steeped in evolution.) What he missed was cooperation.


Why do you think Zebras look alike? Why do you believe herds stay in a bunch? Why do wolves hunt in a pack? And why did women create language? 


It works better if we bond with a group.


My daughter told me today that Pilates sprang from Yoga. I didn’t know that. Some people objected to the spiritual aspect of Yoga, so they took it out.


Maybe that’s what is missing from our culture—the morality that comes with a spiritual connection. Lying is accepted. There is a disrespect for our laws that we try, not perfectly, to make fair. It’s okay to criticize our fellows because they look different or act differently from us. Revenge is encouraged, and many men still use and mistreat women because they can.


Gregg Braden defined Divinity as “the ability to transcend.” That is the something in us that is so beautiful and powerful that countries will battle to keep it from us.


We are Body, Mind, and Spirit here.  Our bodies are brilliant. Our mind is bright, and Our Spirit is so big we don’t have words to contain it.


“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”—Mark Twain.